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Your manufacturer’s warranty may have expired or may have limited coverage remaining.  Most manufacturer warranties expire at 60,000 kms on the comprehensive coverage and 100,000 kms on the powertrain.  Global’s got you covered against unexpected repair costs.

Warranty Packages We Offer

Global Warranty delivers the ULTIMATE in vehicle warranty protection for today’s drivers and vehicles.

Find the ULTIMATE Automotive Protection plan that best suits your driving habits.

Bronze Coverage

Coverage includes ALL listed components inclusive:


  • ALL internally lubricated parts: engine block, cylinder heads, intake manifolds & plenums, exhaust manifolds, timing belt, cover, oil pan, valve covers, harmonic balancer & pulley, engine mounts, engine torque struts, dipstick & tube, oil pressure sending unit, temperature sending unit, water pump, starter/solenoid, alternator/regulator, engine wiring harness, and engine oil filter housing.


  • Automatic: ALL internally lubricated parts: case, torque converter, vacuum modulator, oil pan, flex plate, dipstick & tube & transmission mounts, transmission cooler and lines, shift lever sub-assembly, and transmission wiring harness.
  • Standard: ALL internally lubricated parts: case, flywheel, ring gear, and mounts.


  • Front Wheel Drive Vehicles (Transaxle) / Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles (Differential): All internally lubricated parts: case, housing, cover, mounts, and viscous coupler.


  • ALL internally lubricated parts: case, housing, electronic & vacuum engagement components, cover, and mounts.


  • ALL internally lubricated parts: case, housing, locking hubs, cover, mounts, and viscous coupler.


  • ALL internally lubricated parts: housing, waste gate controller, intercooler, hard lines, and bearings.


  • ALL internally lubricated parts: housing, compressor, clutch, pulley, bearings, by-pass valve, intercooler, and coolant pump.


  • ALL seals and gaskets used within the listed parts of your coverage level.


  • ALL listed part failures caused by wear and tear.


  • Car rental expenses will be reimbursed while your vehicle is not available due to a covered repair.


  • Reimbursement made for lodging, meals, bus, or taxi.
Silver Coverage

Includes Bronze coverage plus:


  • In the event of a covered claim, diagnostics shall be covered at Global’s sole discretion, excluding the first hour.


  • Driveshafts, hanger bearings, axle shafts, CV joints & boots, and universal joints.


  • Master cylinder, assist booster, proportioning valves, wheel cylinders, backing plates/return springs, front/rear calipers, hard lines/fittings, brake linkage, cables, and flex lines.


  • Ignition coil, windshield wiper motors & washer pumps, heater motor & fan, electronic ignition module (excluding computer system), and horn assembly.
Gold Coverage

Includes Bronze and Silver coverage plus:


  • (Front & Auxiliary): Compressor, clutch assembly & pulley, condenser, evaporator, accumulator & receiver dryer, expansion valve, orifice tube, idler pulley & bearings, POA valve, high/low pressure cut off switches, pressure cycling switches, temperature/climate control module(s), A/C hard lines, belt tensioner, oil & refrigerant (with covered repair), and refrigerant lines.


  • (GAS ONLY):Fuel pumps, injection & distribution pumps, fuel tank & sending unit, fuel injectors & rails, fuel hard lines, pressure regulators, and vacuum pump.


  • Rack & pinion, power steering pump & pulley, fluid reservoir & steering gear, inner/outer tie rod ends & bellows, main/intermediate shafts, pitman arms, idler arms, centre link, steering knuckle (spindle), king pins & bushings, cooler & hard lines, control valve, phase control unit, power steering hoses, rear steering shafts & couplings, relays & sensors, steering dampener, stepper motor, and tilt steering mechanism.
Titanium Coverage

Includes Bronze, Silver and Gold coverage plus:


  • Radiators, radiator fan motor, fan motor blades, heater core, clutch fan assembly, heater control valve, coolant recovery unit, thermostat, and fan shroud.


  • Upper/lower control arms, upper/lower ball joints, control arm shafts, stabilizer bars, linkage & bushings, torsion bar & mounts, wheel bearings, control module, mode selector, rear links & bushings, rear spindle, and rear sway bar, links, mounts, & bushings.


  • Electronic transmission controller, body control module (BCM), fuel ignition computer control modules, cruise control servo, transducer & cable, digital & analog dash instrumentation, anti-theft module, idle air control, isolation dump valve, image processor, and data communication module. Electronic anti-lock braking system (ABS) & traction control system (TCS) components including: brake control module, exciter rings, pump motor/hydraulic unit, relays, accumulators, and pressure modulator valve assembly.


  • Cam sensors, crank angle sensor, knock sensor, wheel speed sensors, oxygen sensors, fuel level sensor, height sensors, spark detonation sensors, rear defrost switch, stop lamp switch, turn signal switch, wiper switch, multi-function switch, headlight switch, ignition switch, cruise switches, power tailgate switches, and heater/air conditioner blower switch


  • Daytime running light module, power window motors & switches, power regulators, keyless entry systems (excluding remotes), door control module, power door lock actuators & switches, power seat motors & switches, power antenna, electronic trunk release actuators, exterior mirror motors, sunroof motors, convertible top motors, child safety door lock mechanism, fuel door release cable, glove box & console lock mechanism, hood latch, hood release cable, inside door handle, jack, hood & hatch supports, trunk latch, trunk release cable, rear defrost grid (excluding glass replacement), tailgate motors, and running board/sidestep motors


  • Air bypass valve, automatic shutdown relay (ASD) & electronic engine controller relay (EEC), canister purge solenoid, map & barometric sensors, mass airflow sensor, positive crankcase ventilation PCV) valve & tube, and vapour canister


  • Heated steering wheel, heated seat components, remote engine start (ECU) (excluding remotes), “Homelink” wireless control module, windshield wiper rain sensors, hands-free/foot-activated auto-lift tailgate sensors, air suspension compressor motor, lines & limiter valve, video display/LCD touch screen/monitor, radio head unit, DVD unit, climate control display unit, and all other factory installed audio, video, navigation & GPS equipment.


  • Ultrasonic sensors, obstacle sensors, distance sensors, radar sensors, front camera(s), forward-looking side camera(s), rearward facing side camera(s), trunk/rearward camera(s), and distance modules/central driver assistance controller (CPU).


  • All components of the system.


  • Battery charger, electric motor, generators, high voltage cables, power controller, converter/inverter, hybrid battery, radiator, engine control unit (ECU) cooler, battery cooling chiller, battery control module, powertrain control module, battery cooling fan, battery charging inlet/port/charge socket, cooling lines, hoses, tubes, and battery temperature management system components.
Platinum Coverage

This bumper-to-bumper warranty is designed to match your vehicle’s original comprehensive warranty.

  • All Engine, All Transmission, All Differential, All Transfer Case (4X4 & AWD), All Turbocharger/Supercharger, All Seals & Gaskets, All Wear & Tear, All Driveline, ALL Braking System, All Electrical System, All Air Conditioning, All Fuel & Injection Systems, All Steering Systems, All Diesel Components, All Heating & Cooling, All Suspension System, All Electronic Modules & Controls, All Sensors & Switches, All Power Accessories, All Emissions, All Air Bags, All Electronic Hi-Tech, All Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) and All Hybrid / Electric Vehicle Components. Including Super Hi-Tech/Luxury items: Massage/vibrating seat components, interior humidity sensors, night vision components, rear/side electric blind/ curtain motor, high intensity discharge (HID) light module, falcon/gull wing door motor, paddle assisted shifting components, magnetic ride control ECU and sensors, ambient interior lighting control module, heated/cooled front console cup holders, auto dimming headlight sensors/modules, windshield washer heated components, ventilated seat components and factory installed rear spoiler motor.

Global’s Tire & Rim Program gives you the ULTIMATE protection including:

  • Curb Damage
  • Winter Tire and Rims
  • Run Flat Tires
  • Scratches up to 30 cm
  • Public Lot Damage
  • Glass & Plexiglass Repair

See our ULTIMATE Tire & Rim Program coverage levels below.

  • Flat Tire Repair
  • Tire Replacement
  • Rim Replacement
  • Tire & Wheel Mounting & Balancing
  • Flat Tire Repair
  • Tire Replacement
  • Rim Replacement
  • Tire & Wheel Mounting & Balancing


  • Rim Repair
  • Flat Tire Repair
  • Tire Replacement
  • Rim Replacement
  • Tire & Wheel Mounting & Balancing
  • Rim Repair


  • Key/Remote Replacement
  • Car Rental

Our GAP program will be your equalizer

If you lose your vehicle to theft, fire or an accident before you’ve finished paying for it, you may be stuck with negative equity.

Your vehicle will have depreciated in value and your primary auto insurer may not cover everything you expected. This could leave you owing the difference between your remaining car payments and what your vehicle is now worth (negative equity). This could be thousands of dollars – the GAP program covers that!

GAP picks up the tab for the difference between what your primary auto insurer will pay and your remaining vehicle loan – up to $50,000. After all, nobody wants to make payments on a car they no longer have.

Cover your assets

While it’s easy to think that the unexpected will never happen to you, the statistics are staggering. Last year alone over 85,000 cars were stolen in Canada, and few are ever recovered. Auto loans with negative equity have risen 50% with an average amount of $6,700 carried by consumers.

Protect your credit and drive with peace of mind, Global’s got you covered!

Global Asset Protection includes:

  • New and used cars, including leases
  • Loans up to $125,000
  • Coverage up to $50,000
  • Optional Car Rental, Insurance Deductible and Customer Loyalty Credit
  • Up to 96 month term (max 60 months for lease)
  • Covers the total amount financed up to 150% of MSRP for new and Canadian Black Book retail value for used vehicles

Global Glass Protection

Our new Global Glass Protection will improve your customer’s driving experience by:

  • Increasing their visibility while driving
  • Increasing the glass’s impact and scratch resistance by up to 10X
  • Making it easier to remove grime/snow from their windshield

24/7 Global Roadside Assistance

Our new Global Glass Protection will improve your customer’s driving experience by:

  • 24 Hour Towing
  • Battery Boost
  • Lockout Services
  • And much more…

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